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Date updated: December 13, 2023

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities – From partners and others.

We will concentrate on notices for Free or Fairly Priced webinars, workshops, presentations, conferences, and more (exceptions made for highly purposeful and timely opportunities).

Upcoming Professional Development opportunities external – 6

Caregiver-centered Care Healthcare Workforce Education

Offered by the University of Alberta. ALL courses are FREE of charge

Canadian Remote Access for Dementia Learning Experences (CRADLE+)

CRADLE+ shares stories of seniors living with dementia and the care providers who support them. Using interactive features and engaging media, this free, online course teaches Canadian unregulated care providers (e.g., personal support workers and continuing care assistants) evidence-informed approaches to real-life care scenarios.

Caregiver-Centred Care
Supporting Family Caregivers in Healthcare

If you are a healthcare professional and want to learn more about partnering with family caregivers– Caregiver-Centered Care Education is free online and comes with a continuing competency certificate on completion.

National ECHO Care of the Elderly: Mental Health

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an education program that creates communities of learners by bringing together healthcare providers and subject matter experts using videoconference technology. Using brief lecture presentations and case-based learning, ECHO fosters an “all learn, all teach” approach.  Participants are engaged in the bi-directional virtual knowledge network by sharing clinical challenges and learning from experts and peers.

View the full collection of evidence-informed Geriatric Education Series videos  New recordings are added each week.


Woman Act- Women Abuse Council Toronto

New e-modules by WomanACT are now available. They are a free, short, self-guided resource to help professionals better understand Gender Base Violence, how it affects Older Women, and how to better support them.

1 in 3 older women is abused by a family member & older women face twice the risk of intimate partner violence.

Learn to identify risks & promote safety with our e-learning micro-lessons. Equip yourself with practical tools to help support survivors. 


Dementia Passport( Alzheimer Society NL)

Dementia Passport offers continuing education and training to health care professionals. The goal is to support the workforce in providing high-quality care to people living with dementia.

Click here to go to the website to learn more

Upcoming Learning  Opportunities offered by SeniorsNL :

In the meantime, we have uploaded our  Let’s Talk About and Just Ask Sessions on our YouTube Channel.

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