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Date updated: June 12, 2019

Dehydration is Dangerous for Seniors' Health

DEHYDRATION IN SENIORS: AN OFTEN-OVERLOOKED HEALTH RISK DailyCaring  blog Dehydration is dangerous for senior health Drinking enough water is important for everyone, but especially for older adults who are at greater risk for dehydration. A UCLA study found that 40% of seniors may be chronically under-hydrated. That can easily lead to dehydration and cause a variety of serious health problems, including urinary tract infections (UTI), falls, kidney stones, and more. And, adults age 65 and up have the highest hospital admission rates for dehydration.   See More (link below) on the symptoms and health risks of dehydration as well as the benefits and ways of staying hydrated. - Mood Disorders Society of Canada is a website from Mood Disorders Society of Canada. Check out the following: What is Depression - causes of depression and symptoms of depression Could it be depression- Symptom Checklist - Managing your depression - accepting help, leading a healthy lifestyle, maintain your social life, develop a management plan, identifiy barriers to recovery, important points to consider Journey to Improvement - talk to your doctor, Doctor discussion guide, consulting a therapist self help groups, your support network Information for family and friends - how to help, questions about treatment, talking about depression, resources   These publications are not meant to be a substitute for professional nor are they diagnostic tools. In other words, completing the checklist will not tell you whether or not you have depression. The purpose of this tool is to help you discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor. It will help your doctor find the treatment that works best for you.
  • If there is an emergency: call 911 immediately; or
  • If you are experiencing a Mental Health Crisis contact the 811 Health Line
If you are not experiencing an emergency but would like someone to talk to contact the Lifewise Warm Line a Confidential Peer Support TOLL FREE: 1-855-753-2560 local 753-2560 ENGLISH TOLL FREE: 1-833-753-5460 FRENCH 7 days a week 10 am to 12 am (midnight)

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