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Date updated: December 31, 2019

Who handles the finances in your household?

Does only one spouse or partner handle the family finances?

If only one person knows about the accounts, bills, investments, and taxes, and that person becomes incapacitated, the partner now needs take over in the midst of potential tragedy. Imagine if you’re the finance and bill owner and you die. You not only leave your partner to handle your death, but also to figure out who the electricity provider is and how to pay the bill.

And it goes beyond just finances. Your partner also needs knowledge about your health, legal, and life documents. For example, who is your doctor, lawyer, and accountant? What about your life insurance, employer (your manager), or subscriptions (like Spotify)? For example, my father gave me a sheet of paper with all his accounts, since my mother doesn’t deal with this. I noticed he was missing his credit card and electricity bill, attorney, and doctor information. This isn’t information I want to be searching for when I need it most.



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