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Date updated: October 23, 2020

Gathering Place (St. John’s)

NOTE: The Gathering Place is taking all precautionary measures possible and following a coordinated community response from the Department of Health, Eastern Health BY

  • Providing takeout meals for clients (in St. John’s) during COVID-19.
    All three meals of the weekday (brunch on the weekends) will continue, hot lunch plus sandwiches to save for supper.
  • Urgent medical services will continue, as will social work supports.
  • People won’t be allowed in the building as a mass, in line with social-distancing guidelines and officials urging the public to avoid large crowds.


The Gathering Place – Please Read this before you donate!!
Due to COVID-19, The Gathering Place will not be able to accept in-kind donations in person or welcome visitors until further notice.
More than ever, they are grateful for your monetary donations as they have to purchase much-needed supplies and food during this difficult time.  Click here to visit their site

Warming Centre – will serve as a community warming centre to ALL residents of St. John’s during times of extended power loss.


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