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Date updated: May 3, 2022


DoorWays counselling service is offered at many locations in the Labrador Grenfell region.

Counselling can be provided through Doorways, as well as through other e-mental health options found on Individuals seeking services are encouraged to call their local office (see below) to discuss counselling options.

This service may be available as a walk-in, telephone, or virtual counseling service.

DoorWays offer single sessions on a first come, first served basis. Some of the topics that could be discussed with a counsellor include: depression, anxiety, bullying, coping, grief/loss, addictions, relationship issues and/or stress.

No referral is required. For times and locations visit the website (see below)
When you arrive, please tell the registration staff you are here for Doorways.

DoorWays Clinics in Labrador Grenfell:

Black Tickle – Contact- Cartwright Community Clinic            938-7523
Cartwright – Cartwright Community Clinic                                   938-7523
Charlottetown – Charlottetown Community Clinic                  949-0259
Churchill Falls- Churchill Falls Community Clinic                      925-3732
Flower’s Cove – Strait of Bell Isle Health Centre                         456-2401, ext. 6246/6242
Forteau – Labrador South Health Centre                                         931-2450 ext. 9317231
Happy Valley-Goose Bay – Labrador Health Centre                  897-2343
Hopedale –  Hopedale Community Clinic                                         933-3388
Labrador City – Labrador West Health Centre                             285-8251
Labrador Correctional Centre, Labrador Health Centre        897-2343
Makkovik – Makkovik Community Clinic                                         923-2207
Mary’s Harbour – Mary’s Harbour Community Clinic              921-6228
Mary’s Harbour – Port Hope Simpson Community Clinic      960-0234
Nain – Nain Community Clinic                                                                922-2912, ext. 212
Natuashish – Labrador Health Centre                                                897-2343
Port Hope Simpson, Port Hope Simpson Community Clinic 960-0234
Postville – Makkovik Community Clinic                                             923-2207
Rigolet – Makkovik Community Clinic                                                923-2207
Roddickton-Bide Arm – White Bay Central Health Centre    457-2215 ext. 4577234
Sheshatshui – Mani Ashini Community Clinic                                 497-3628
St. Anthony- Charles S Curtis Memorial Hospital                        454-0326
St. Lewis – St. Lewis Community Clinic                                                939-2330
St. Lewis – Port Hope Simpson Community Clinic                        960-0234

To find Doorways in your area, call 811 OR Search the (attached website).

DoorWays is not an emergency service. If mental health emergency is needed call 911 or if you are having a mental health crisis contact the 811 Health Line NEW or proceed to the nearest Emergency Department.

ACCESS: Text and Video Relay Service (VRS) line are available for individuals who may be hard-of hearing, identify as having communication disability, or are Deaf.
For texting, download the 811 NL HealthLine app in Apple and Google Play app stores
VRS number is 1-888-834-1252


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