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Date updated: June 15, 2023



Alcoholics Anonymous is a twelve-step program for people in recovery from alcohol abuse.

Area 82 includes Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

All Areas of NL can join the Zoom Sessions (by the St. john’s Intergroup

Many in-person and online meetings are provided on the website(s).

St. John’s Intergroup in-person meetings in St. John’s Mount Pearl

Meeting Info: (709) 579-6091 (recorded information)for St. John’s Mount Pearl
1-888-579-5215 Toll free 

Check out the following Links.

Community groups and others you can pass the word… on AA

Alcoholics Anonymous can make a variety of pamphlets available to individuals or organizations (free of charge) to distribute. They also have a display that can be put up at health and wellness shows and fairs, and speakers available to tell their stories to any interested audience. For further information please contact or 709-690-8474


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