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Date updated: February 12, 2019



1.What is the name of the medicine and why should it be taken?
2.What medical condition does this medicine treat?
3.How many times a day should it be taken? At what time(s)? For example,
if the bottle says take “4 times a day,” does that mean 4 times in 24 hours or 4 times during the daytime?

4How much of the medicine should be taken? (dosage)
5Should the medicine be taken with food or not? Is there anything that should not be eaten or drank when taking this medicine?
6How long will it take this medicine to work?
7Will this medicine cause problems with other medicines, vitamins, or supplements that are currently being taken?
Should any current medications be stopped or adjusted?
8 Is it safe to drive while taking this medication?
9 What does “as needed” mean?

10. When should this medicine be stopped?

11. If a medication dose is missed, what should be done?
12.What side effects should we expect? What should we do if there is a problem?
13.Will a refill be needed? How do we arrange that? For example, sometimes opioids need a new prescription every time a refill is needed.
14.On each doctor visit, ask if all current medications are still needed or if any should be discontinued.

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