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Date updated: May 9, 2024

SpacesShared Home Sharing in NL

SpacesShared provides students who need an affordable place to stay paired with seniors experiencing loneliness who have rooms to rent. Seniors also benefit from rental income, support in their home and a sense of purpose while students are provided with a safe and affordable place to stay. CONTACT: Website:  platform online Telephone: 1-833-766-6329 Toll Free Email:…

Cyber Security Toolkit

Protect yourself from online financial fraud with the Canadian Banker’s Cyber Security Toolkit for consumers

Mindful Toolkit: Mental Wellness for Men

Mindful Toolkit: Mental Wellness for Men Mental health tools and resources for men and their families. Backed by healthcare professionals to tackle chronic stress, anxiety, and mild to moderate depression.  Click here for the link to the Mens Mental Health Foundation

Community Mental Health Initiative Inc CMHI Corner Brook NL

Community Mental Health Initiative Inc. (CMHI) is a non-profit community-based organization located in Corner Brook. Offers information, support, resources and training on topics including mental health, suicide awareness and housing support. Contact: 634-4117 to speak to an Interagency Coordinator Eligibility and Service Area: Corner Brook, Bay of Islands and Deer Lake areas. They work with…

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